Laser 1 Harken XD - Radial

Laser 1 Harken XD - Radial
Laser 1 Harken XD - Radial
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Laser 1 Harken XD In Stock Now.

With Folded sail and New lighter stiffer Harken XD Blocks


The world's most popular adult racing class.

 Every Laser in the world is identical. Strict one-design class rules ensure this remains true. The best sailor on the water wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques as well as tactical excellence. The Laser is the single-handed Olympic class dinghy and is raced on the Club, National and International Class levels. The Laser comes standard as a Laser race version. The Laser Race features the Harken Race upgrade cunningham outhaul kit, Harken Race upgrade vang, gorilla tiller and extension, sail, 60mm Harken ratchet block, padded toe strap. Upgrade to the Laser XD is available for race oriented sailors. The Laser XD features the XD Harken vang system, XD Harken cunningham outhaul kit, XD carbon tiller and extension, 6mm anti-twist dinghy mainsheet from FSE Robline, folded sail, padded toe-strap, Harken 57mm ratchet block w/ Mega spring, 5mm SK90 dyneema traveller, Mega bolt and 3mm dyneema dinghy control rudder downhaul