Trade Secret Luxury 100% Carnauba Wax Polish 750050

Trade Secret Luxury 100% Carnauba Wax Polish 750050
Trade Secret Luxury 100% Carnauba Wax Polish 750050
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Trade Secret Luxury 100% Carnauba Wax Polish

TRADE SECRET. Dont be put off by the good value! Used and recommended by our workshops and showroom - normally only available to the trade. 
No ordinary polish. For new/ almost new paint/ GRP, for the ultimate luxurious deep gloss finish. For best results when the surface is not new - use Trade Secret Cutting Boat Wax Polish first

Pack Size: 500ml

Carnauba is the worlds hardest wax. Only found on native Brazilian palm trees. This life preserving coating enables these trees to survive the extremes of climate in the Brazilian rain forests.

Carnauba wax is greatly prized worldwide as no other wax can possibly equal its high lustre, lasting finish and superior hardness. Other waxes are used in it's place or lower levals of concentration - becuase this is cheaper. Equivalent quality to this product is often sold for £20.00+ by main dealers or branded Harley Wax etc

At Trade Secret we have harnessed this protective strength and durability. This unique miracle of nature in a newly formulated, easy to use, natural wax polish, simply the best.

Why Is Carnauba Used In Boat Wax? 

  • Being a natural plant by-product, that will not react with any paint or Gelcoat 
  • 100% Free from silicone oils 
  • Carnauba provides a very hard film over your surface to protect against airborne contaminants such as acid rain residue, catalytic converter emissions, bug tar, grime, salt and bird droppings. 
  • Carnauba swells and closes its pores when exposed to water 
  • Carnauba also dramatically reduces paint oxidation by diffusing (refracting) UV and infrared radiation from the sun which can oxidize and dull your paint finish 
  • Most people find that that 1 coating will last for several weeks (or even months!) 
  • After application you only need to flush the surface with water and it will magically bead away. All you will need is a chamois leather - do not use any shampoos - maintenance is greatly reduce 

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