Selden Deck Swivel 38 433-401-01

Selden Deck Swivel 38 433-401-01
Selden Deck Swivel 38 433-401-01
Product Code: SM-433-401-01

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Selden Deck Swivel 38 The Deck Swivel articulates to follow the movements of the trimmer. Used for main sheets on keelboats and smaller yachts. Can also be used on bigger boats if the purchase of the tackle is sufficient. The materials used are composite and stainless steel.

HORIZONTAL ARTICULATION: The angle of horizontal articulation is easily adjusted without taking the swivel apart. Two stops can be fixed in 5 different positions, from a fixed arm to 300 angle of movement.

HORIZONTAL FRICTION: The amount of friction for horizontal movement is adjusted with a control knob. The knob is located in a recess in order to prevent accidental adjustment, but is still easy to reach with a screw driver or similar.

VERTICAL ARTICULATION is easily adjusted from a flat horizontal lead to a steep 45 angle

Weight - 362g
Safe Working Load - 120kg
Max Line Size 12