Selden Solo Sidewall Taper Cumulus Mast D14-C069-0716

Selden Solo Sidewall Taper Cumulus Mast D14-C069-0716
Selden Solo Sidewall Taper Cumulus Mast D14-C069-0716
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Selden Solo Mast

During 1999 Jim Hunt asked Seldén for a section stiffer than our 'C' section up to the hounds, but flexible fore and aft and stiff sideways in the topmast.The objective was to control sail shape through the wind range with kicker tension, but ensure that the mast stays straight sideways for downwind and medium wind speed.

The Seldén Cumulus Solo mast achieves these features through the special double topmast taper, which gives minimum fore/aft size without compromising sideways stiffness.

The Cumulus mast is ideally suited to sailors 77kg and above and has won every National and World Championships since its design. The C-sleeved mast, pioneered by Ken Falcon, is still the definitive Solo mast for the sailors 77kg and less.

2007 saw in the introduction of the D+ as a third option along side the existing highly competitive Cumulus and C-sleeved masts. Once again working alongside Jim Hunt, the main force behind our Cumulus rig, the D+ was developed as a mast that could offer similar characteristics to the Cumulus while offering a more dynamic response above the hounds.

The D+ has been developed with a front weld taper allowing for greater sideways response but due to the stiffer section it still maintains the downwind performance associated with the Cumulus. D+ is designed as another option for sailors weighing 77kg and above, delivering greater power low down.

It is hoped that the new rig will be easier to use in choppy water and gusty conditions where a responsive rig can maximise performance whilst minimising the amount of manual input from the sailor. The future potential of the rig was shown at the 2007 National Championship where Jim sailed to 3rd powered by a D+.

"The Selden D+ is a perfect all rounder for the Solo. Providing good gust response and flexibility for the rougher sea states with enough stiffness to maximise pointing in the flatter inland venues." Charlie Cumbley, UK National Champion 2008.

Standard mast includes tenon heel plug, exit sheave for main halyard, hook rack, tee backplates for shrouds, and special taper Cumulus). Mast is fitted with a drawline for the main halyard.

C Section Mast
Dinghy Section

Sectional Weight 0.90 kg/m
Dimension - fore/ aft 65 mm
Dimension - athw 54 mm
Stiffness - fore/aft 14 cm4
Stiffness - athw 10 cm4

Cumulus Section Mast 
Dinghy Section

Sectional Weight 0.95 kg/m
Dimension - fore/ aft 69 mm
Dimension - athw 58 mm
Stiffness - fore/aft 19.5 cm4
Stiffness - athw 14 cm4

D+ Section Mast 
Dinghy Section

Sectional Weight 1.03 kg/m
Dimension - fore/ aft 73 mm
Dimension - athw 57 mm
Stiffness - fore/aft 19.5 cm4
Stiffness - athw 14 cm4