Explorer 2 Wind & Temperature Meter

Explorer 2 Wind & Temperature Meter
Explorer 2 Wind & Temperature Meter
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Skywatch Xplorer 2 Wind and Temperature Meter


All Xplorers have a balanced impeller integrated into the wind meter. The impeller is magnetized, producing a magnetic field when rotating which is measured internally. Damage to the impeller is unlikely due to the small opening, but repair can be performed.

An internal thermometer is attached to the stainless steel back. Temperature adjusts quickly, although drastic temperature changes may require several minutes for accuracy. Temperature is read quickly by touching the back to an object of the same temperature. Water temperature is read quickly by submerging the unit briefly.



Stainless Steel black

Replaceable lithium battery

Hold into wind

Accuracy according to Swiss standards

Temperature measuring range: -50*C - 100*C (-58*F - 212*F)

Calculation of the wind chill factor

Units: °F, °C

Resolution: 0.1 unit

Precision: +/- 0.5°F (0.3°C)

Measuring cycle: twice per second