FAQ & Help Desk

How To Purchase Goods
We have made buying from purplemarine.com as simple as possible. Once registered your shopping basket will store items you have placed within it until you are ready to place the order. Each item for sale will has an Add To Basket button. When you press this button you are taken to your shopping basket page where the item will be automatically added to your basket.

You can input how many of each item you would like, decide to continue shopping, remove an item from the basket or check out and place your secure order. It is at this time you would be asked for your credit card and delivery details and redeem gift vouchers or discount coupons.

Accepted Payment
Paying online is simple, we accept all major credit cards and paypal. For more details see above. If you place an order using Pay By Phone you will need to call us on +44 (0)845 643 5510 to arrange payment. Please have you credit or debit card details ready.

Is my transaction secure? Every on-line transaction made within Purple Marine is transmitted across the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This industry standard method ensures that information sent from your browser is scrambled whilst in transit and decoded when it arrives on our server. You are far safer using your credit card within Purple Marine than you are in a restaurant in your local high street. We take the issue of security very seriously and have taken every step possible to protect you. Our servers sit behind a state of the art hardware firewall. Our server is located within a heavily secured data center.

What if I have problems ordering? Common reasons for problems when pressing the order button are; i) You are using an old browser that doesn't support SSL encryption. ii) You are browsing from behind a corporate firewall that will not allow secure connections. Speak to the system administrator at your office. They will either rectify the problem or you will have to order from another location. To check, point your browser to https://www.microsoft.com/ if you cannot connect to the Microsoft secure server it is likely that one of the above faults apply. If you are able to connect to Microsoft please call our hotline number and report the fault to us. We will assist you if we can. Some other browsers may report that the identity of the certificate is not valid, this is a browser problem in recognising our certificate authority, however most will still support a secure connection and provide this message for information purposes only.

What if I do not receive my goods?
Please wait 7 days if you are in the UK or 15 days if you are overseas. If you do not receive your goods after this period of time, please contact us on +44 (0)845 643 5510 or email us with your order number to hand. This number will be included in the e-mail you received when you ordered the goods from our warehouse. We will strive to resolve the issue immediately. Emails are sent to you at each stage of order processing and you can check the status of your orders from your accounct section on the site.

When is my credit card debited?
Your card will normally be debited when the goods are dispatched. An authorisation takes place when you place your order. This simply guarantees that the funds are available on your card and that payment will be made to us. This authorisation remains valid for ten days. When the goods are dispatched, we will debit funds from your account overnight directly into our own. If certain items in your order are out of stock or unobtainable we will only partially debit your card order. We are also able to cancel or refund individual items of your order should this become necessary.

What risks are involved in buying online?

Stock Levels Our products are offered subject to availability. If for any reason we cannot supply you with any part of your order we will contact you via email or phone to advise you. We may need to cancel or refund the item from your order, in which case the funds will be paid directly back into your account. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Returns Policy We guarantee all of our products to be free of defects for 14days. If you receive a defective product, please email us at to arrange an exchange or refund. We aim to replace any defective items with replacements. If this is not possible we shall refund you immediately. Exchanged items will only be sent after we have received the defective item back from you in its original packaging at your own cost. Please consult our contact details for the return address.

Acknowledgement of Orders
We will acknowledge all orders by e-mail