Marlow Excel Fusion 75 Rope

Marlow Excel Fusion 75 Rope
Marlow Excel Fusion 75 Rope
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Marlow Excel Fusion 75 Rope

Developed in conjunction with members of the Skandia Team GBR Olympic Squad, Excel Fusion 75 is a new high performance dinghy sheet from Marlow. 

The design of Fusion 75 is aimed squarely at saving weight and reducing water take-up to a minimum to assist the sailors during the expected light wind conditions in China, without compromising strength, elongation, comfort and abrasion resistance.

Manufactured using a unique Dyneema® SK75 and Polypropylene blended cover over a pre-stretched Dyneema® SK75 core, Fusion 75 is lighter and has less stretch than any other "light weight" sheet on the market. In addition, due to its unique construction, Fusion 75 does not suffer from weight gain or expansion through water take up.

  • High Strength
  • Low Stretch
  • Excellent Abrasion resistance
  • Can be tapered
  • No water absorption
  • Floats
  • Sizes: 6mm (Blue) and 8mm (Red)

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