Aqua Marina BlueDrive S Power Fin

Aqua Marina BlueDrive S Power Fin
Aqua Marina BlueDrive S Power Fin
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Meet the latest generation of AQUA MARINA electric water propulsion device – BLUE DRIVE S. Explore a new way for remote locations with your paddle boards. The BLUE DRIVE S is an electric motor designed to fit almost all types of watercrafts with a fin box. It helps you to extend trips and save more energy when fighting against wind and current.

Pick up your paddling pace or battle the wind and currents with the AQUA MARINA blue drive S power fin! the fin is made of marine grade nylon and fiberglass and fits Aqua Marina boards and kayaks with a slide in fin system. Variable speeds are remotely controlled at the touch of a button. Swap out your center fin and get a blue drive S power boost!

An electric motorized fin that slots in to your existing fin system to transform your SUP board in to an electric SUP! Around 3 - 4 hours of run time, depending on speed used. Top speed 5 km/h. Rechargeable. Easy to fit. An inexpensive way to get into electric water craft. Either go out for fun and with way less effort than paddling, or just turn it on to save your arms and shoulders on that paddle back in to a strong head wind!